Powerhouse Brand Health Platform

First generation tools focused on the social marketer are not designed to support the information needs of sophisticated brand and researcher leaders. Brand VO2 evolves online listening well beyond the noise, sentiment analysis, word clouds and other less-than-actionable, non-predictive metrics of a first-gen “fire hose.”

Our engine scrapes and structures millions of on-line conversations (e-commerce, social, blogs, reviews, message boards and more). We apply deep, proprietary computational linguistics, sophisticated brand equity frameworks and a series of algorithms to quantify unique brand product and category attributes and actual, competitor-relative business health, to accurately identify emerging threats and opportunities.

We’ve proven through analysis led by independent data scientists that the Brand VO2 Score™ strongly correlates to future market share. This is an extraordinary development for social and e-commerce analytics.

By Software, Brand Analyst and Marketing Pros

The innovate linguistic and brand equity models at the heart of Brand VO2 were created by a talented veteran team of brand strategists, entrepreneurs and software developers.

Our CEO has 30 years of experience in executive leadership enterprise software and international enterprise information, global insights and analysis for a multi-billion-dollar company. Our other co-founders have more than 20 years of experience each as founder-partners in brand consulting and digital marketing agencies, respectively, serving dozens of national and international brands.

Upon demand, you will know: what customer behavior is and why. You’ll also be aware of who and what is coming for your company. That’s real insight.

We turned decades of experience working with leading companies into the brand performance tracker of the future: Brand VO2.

Think of it as brand insight, simply made easier.

You can find success through listening (and taking well-advised action).