Brand Insight Made Easier with BrandVO2

Are you tasked with building a powerful brand? BrandVO2 is a valuable brand management tool that helps you with brand insight by providing real data on how your brand is being perceived in the market.

  • PREDICT FUTURE SALES PERFORMANCE: Transform your brand health tracking through a dynamic, real-time measurement tool that highly correlates to your future business performance!
  • BE THE FIRST TO HEAR: Receive critical marketplace alerts from our analysts concerning key issues impacting your business: Market Disruption, Mergers, Category Trends, etc.
  • GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Through the Brand VO2 rejecter data you can easily understand the weaknesses of your competition: Product Failures, Lawsuits, Campaign Misses or why your customers are leaving your brand?
  • KNOW WHERE TO INVEST FOR GROWTH: Brand VO2 identifies the drivers of business growth by analyzing ecommerce, social, blogs and message board data. With Brand VO2 you can evaluate regional marketing strategies; Pin point the Brand Health Attributes resonating with your customers and define which attribute is most closely aligned with sales performance!
  • MEASURE CAMPAIGN IMPACT: Assess campaign performance by watching the campaign impact on your Brand’s Health answering “Are our strategic objectives are being achieved”.

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