Predictive, Empowering,  Disruptive

Online word-of-mouth is a C-Level concern, as it should be.
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Accordingly, Brand VO2 provides the kind of powerhouse, smarter, more-actionable value that is critical for brand owners, CEOs, CMOs, analysts, M&A teams, investors and trusted advisors. With our real-time, on-demand data they rely on such potent benefits as:

  • Predicting future market share and business performance
  • Capturing real data on current customer perceptions/behavior
  • Leveraging marketing optimization opportunities
  • Knowing if strategic objectives are being achieved
  • Measuring marketing impact and ROI
  • Filtering out oceans of vague, irrelevant online noise
  • Identifying real-time “misses” (brand abandonment)
  • Vital awareness of category/customer trends
  • Spotting market disruptions (to disrupt the disruptors)
  • Identifying competitor risks (& “rejector” weaknesses)
  • Knowing where to invest for growth
  • Being first to receive critical marketplace alerts
  • Quantifying marketplace brand health (with their Brand VO2 Score™)
  • Identifying potential acquisition targets

An Outstanding Client Offering

VO2 is supported by an exceptional Analyst Marketplace, available to agencies, researchers, consultancies and internal client analyst teams. It offers a valuable opportunity to produce never-before-seen brand and business intelligence on behalf of clients.

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