Ads Are Not Dead

Ads Are Not Dead

It’s nearly impossible to read any advertising news lately that doesn’t include some form of terminally hyperbolic language about the state of the ad industry. Armageddon, apocalypse, annihilation… anything scary that allows for some alliteration with the word advertising.

The problem, though, is that none of that is true.

Ads aren’t dead. They’re not extinct. They’ve evolved. We just don’t call them ads anymore.

We call them reviews.

Think about it. Reviews are the only types of ads that people actively seek out. Seriously. Actual living, breathing human people go find them. They enjoy reading them, they search them out and study them, they trust them, they remember them, they quote them to friends, they pen their own.

Reviews are more pervasive, more persuasive, more intimately trusted and revered than anything ever written on Madison Avenue. They’re real. They represent the most unbiased voices from the most active wallets. And they work.

92% of digital consumers seek out and read reviews, while 50% of the same audience actively avoids reading traditional ads.

88% of digital consumers trust what they read in reviews, while 40% of the same audience has gone so far as to install some form of ad blocker to avoid skyscrapers and banners.

On average, positive reviews of a product lead to an 18% increase in sales, while a 3% clickthrough rate on a paid search ad is considered above average.

Of course, this is a frightening prospect for those holding tight to “the way it’s always been done.”

Despite the wealth of digital consumer feedback available today, too many advertising strategies continue to go no further than interrupting your favorite shows and articles by serving the same stale content displayed in the same squares and rectangles like some sort of misguided Robin Hood who steals from the interesting to give to the boring.

For too long, advertisers have held the microphone, but now the conversation has shifted. Consumers have a louder voice than ever before, and for smart brands, it’s time to listen.

Which is why Brand VO2 listens to millions of reviews from the top digital retailers every day. It’s why we don’t report vanity metrics, we report on what actually matters most to the audience – quality, differentiation, value and a host of other emotional and tangible attributes that map directly to purchase intent and brand health.

Our human analysis backed by powerful deep listening allows you and your brand to highlight the aspects of your products that consumers love, repair what they don’t, and identify the trends they’ll be fawning over next, so that while you can’t write their reviews for them, you can create an environment ripe for positivity and authentic admiration.

So, the next time you hear someone shout from the rooftops that their SaaS solution is the antidote to the incurable fate befalling advertisements everywhere, just breathe, relax, and remember:

Brand VO2 helps you listen.

Brand VO2 helps you learn.

Brand VO2 helps you help your audience write the best ads.

We call them reviews.


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