BrandVO2 was created through the disruptive collaboration of Fortune 100 software engineers, and veteran brand marketers. It is designed to analyze online word-of-mouth and yield predictive analytics that align with business performance.

As a result, our platform is revolutionizing how modern business leaders track the health of their brands, identify competitor risks, and measure marketing ROI.

We accurately weigh critical online data sources and brand attribute models, eliminate noisy conversations, and filter them through appropriate linguistics and brand attributes.

Our never-before-seen Qual and Quant insights are relied upon in a wide variety of verticals, by visionary companies of all sizes (including global brands).

Our clients count on Brand VO2’s real-time, predictive brand health index to truly correlate with their consumer’s future behaviors, confidently closing the loop between digital marketing spend and actual in-market performance.

That’s why we say you can now “Listen, and See the Future.”

If it’s time to instill brand-expert rigor in your online data mining, contact us today to request a free consultation.