Beyond Brand Tracking

Everybody knows brand tracking is broken. Why look backwards? Consumer opinions rarely tie to sales results. And oceans of online vanity metrics don’t yield actionable insight.

Thankfully there’s uniquely intelligent, cloud-based Brand VO2. It gives you never-before-seen, real-time insight from millions of online conversations, informed and backed by veteran brand experts.

If you want to disrupt the market, first disrupt brand tracking. Some of the world’s biggest companies rely on their Brand VO2 Score™. You should, too.

Who’s Behind It?

Supremely talented software architects in partnership with veteran brand marketers, data scientists and experienced entrepreneurs developed our innovative computational linguistic system and brand attribute model.

We are driven to help brand and business leaders win by providing valuable tools to keep score, set smarter strategy and spot emerging disruption.

Big Problems? Big Solutions.

Brand VO2 delivers on many of the promises we had always hoped machine intelligence would deliver (because our machines were programmed by Fortune 100 software engineers working with seasoned brand analysts).

Our real-time revelations solve the real-world problems facing innovative companies of all sizes, from smart, disruptive up-and-comers to global giants.

As Forrester Research said, in one of several reports in which they featured Brand VO2, we really do use “… day-to-day brand measurement… that … directionally aligns with in-market performance.”

It’s why we can assure our clients: if you listen correctly you can see the future. Read Forrester Report


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